About Us

Ruth Furman


With a background in news reporting, Ruth Furman brings a unique
perspective to her public relations business. In addition to her nose
for news, Furman has more than two decades of experience in the public
relations industry.

She moved to Las Vegas from the Chicagoland area in 1999. She got her
start out west “the agency’s agency,” acting as the go-to consultant
for area public relations reps. She’s since built her own virtual
agency, and works with a diverse mix of clients in construction,
convention services, commercial real estate, home improvement and home

A boot-camp aficionado and self-admitted caffeine-o-holic and
devotee of all things purple, she received her degree in journalism
from Indiana University.

Michael Furman


Michael Furman serves as the “left brain” behind Image Words. A highly
analytical number cruncher, Furman left a career as a Wall Street
commodities trader to work in the energized gaming/race & sports
business in Las Vegas. He serves as consultant, editor and chief
financial officer for Image Words.